An introduction

Hello! I’m Shekhar.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with how wealth accumulates. From saving quarters that I received as allowance as a kid back in India to getting my Master of Finance from Queen’s University here in Canada, my passion for learning about investing has only grown.

I intend this blog to be a place where I distil the knowledge I’m acquiring. My sincere hope is that it helps you become a better investor too, dear reader.

Hence, this is an attempt to “catch my breath” from all the investing-related news that I read during the week. I will try and encapsulate what I felt were the more important developing stories.

My curiosity to learn also takes me to older material: Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings, letters from Howard Marks, investment advice from J. P. Morgan… the list, and my curiosity, are pretty much endless. I’ll try and bring out the highlights of what I’m learning from these as I go along.

From time to time, I shall also review books. Reading and learning from books brings me immense joy and I would love to share that joy with you as often as I can.

What this blog is NOT is a place for investment advice. I’m not here to recommend stocks or investment products. These blog posts contain my views and my views ONLY and NOT that of my employer. Please do your own research or speak to a registered financial advisor before buying any stock or investment products.

And with that, on with the show…